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Accoya Decking In The Garden: 10 inspirational examples

More and more people are asking for Accoya decking in their homes. This is for good reasons. An Accoya deck is as durable and strong as any other wooden deck. But with decking boards, you don’t have to decide on one type of wood.

Color, form, and function are also part of the decision-making process. We’ve rounded up 10 inspiring ways of how and where to implement Accoya Decking at home below. Let yourself be inspired!

1. Accoya Terrace on the balcony

Accoya Terrace on the balcony

Do you have a balcony that you would like to upgrade?

An Accoya terrace can enhance the home balcony, as seen in the picture. At first glance, the noble brown of the wood product gives the impression that it is parquet.

With this effect, an Accoya terrace turns the home balcony into an extended living space that combines the comfort of the interior with the fresh air outside.

An Accoya terrace on the balcony is a real recommendation!

2. Rectangular Accoya decking in the garden next to the house

Rectangular Accoya decking in the garden

A classic choice for hardwood decking is a rectangular Accoya patio located directly next to the home. The distinct shape separates the expanded living space from the rest of the landscape.

The wooden terrace has three distinct advantages over stone or grass in this application.

Firstly, wood is never too hot or cold for the body due to its heat-insulating properties. Even on hot days, walking barefoot on a wooden patio is comfortable.

Anyone who has ever walked barefoot on stones on a hot summer day would understand this benefit.

Secondly, on a hardwood deck, feet and shoes remain (nearly) completely clean, ensuring that dirt is not tracked inside when entering the home.

Finally, the wooden deck is elegant and reminiscent of high-quality floor coverings in a home.”

3. The lawn surrounds Accoya Terrace

The lawn surrounds Accoya Terrace

Consider building a wooden deck on your front lawn.

An Accoya terrace can also be entirely self-contained, surrounded by a lawn. We can advise you on the substructure required to build a wooden terrace on or in the grass.

In a customer project, we could use an Accoya terrace as the pergola floor, completely surrounded by lawn.

The dark brown tone contrasts beautifully with the lush green of the English lawn. The wooden grid was enhanced by several small steps leading to the pergola.”

4. Accoya deck Free Form

Accoya deck Free Form

A rectangular Accoya deck is not always necessary. Sometimes, the unique shape of the wooden terrace can make it a real showstopper in the garden.

The patio floorboards were cut in a round shape to give one side of the wooden terrace an exceptionally natural look.

The (nearly) ground-level submerged hot tub highlights this partially covered terrace. Only the dark insulating cover is visible.

5. Accoya wooden decks with semi-submerged hot tub

Accoya wooden decks with semi-submerged hot tub

Like the previous wooden deck, this Accoya deck has an attached hot tub and looks exquisite thanks to its dark brown coating.

Unlike the previous practical example, this hot tub is not fully embedded in the floor. While the hot tub takes up slightly more space, it is much easier to enter and exit the tub.

Because this terrace was slightly damp at the time of the photo, the lovely pattern of the decking boards, created by the different hardness of the board layers, is more visible than in other images.

Like all of our wooden terraces, it has no visible screws. All FORMARE wooden terraces are screwed in, resulting in a flawless surface.”

6. Accoya decking has a hot tub that is enclosed

Accoya decking has a hot tub that is enclosed

The Accoya wood decking is a luxurious outdoor space with a fully enclosed hot tub and a built-in whirlpool. This wooden terrace stands on its own, thanks to the sturdy metal substructure that supports it.

The entire wellness area is covered with Accoya wood, known for its strength, stability, and longevity.

The terrace stands out with its unique Accoya gray color, made from Accoya Gray wood, a fully dyed-through version of the classic Accoya wood product that has been tested and proven to last.

This terrace is beautiful but durable and long-lasting, making it a great investment for any homeowner.

7. The Accoya deck features a hot tub with a wooden cover

The Accoya deck features a hot tub with a wooden cover

In previous Accoya terrace projects, the built-in whirlpools were hidden by the wood. However, we took it one step further in this project by fully integrating the whirlpool into the gray Accoya terrace. The old cover was replaced with a wooden one, enhancing the aesthetic and complementing the Accoya terrace’s overall look.

The wooden cover can be easily pushed away, allowing maximum use of the space on the wooden deck. The new cover can also be loaded easily when it’s closed.

This feature makes it easy to use the space on the wooden deck to its fullest potential.

8. The Accoya Terrace can be accessed through a matching set of Accoya stairs

accoya decking with stairs

Adding a staircase from Accoya to a deck made of the same material is a great way to complement the overall look and feel of the space.

Unlike traditional stone steps, an Accoya staircase makes a unique statement in any garden.

We use a special technique to hide the screws in the wood for the outdoor wooden stairs, ensuring that all you see is a smooth, seamless surface.

This provides a cohesive and polished look to the overall design of the terrace.

9. Accoya patio around the pond

Accoya patio around the pond

The Accoya patio is located next to a tranquil pond, creating a serene and picturesque outdoor space. This garden feature is a dream come true for the customer.

The small Accoya terrace perfectly frames the pond, adding to its natural beauty. The picture shows that all the boards are cut in a trapezoid shape, ensuring that the spaces between them have a consistent width.

 Accoya wood in this project is an excellent choice as it is stable in size and shape, ensuring that the wood planks will stay beautiful for many years.

10. Accoya Privacy Screen

Accoya Privacy Screen

For our final project, we aim to showcase Accoya uniquely. Accoya can achieve a beautiful wooden terrace and a privacy screen.

For example, the picture displays a circular privacy screen made from Accoya, effectively blocking prying eyes from viewing a client’s garden.

Of course, there are countless other ways to utilize wooden privacy screens with Accoya.”