How To Remove Blood Stain On Wood Floor

If blood does get on the wood floor, you should clean it up right away before it dries and leaves an unsightly stain on the wood. You can avoid having to scrub dried blood off the floor by doing it this way.

Blood stain on wood floors can be cleaned with the right cleaner. It is natural to put your safety first in situations with this much stress. As a result, bloodstains are often not noticed until much later.

Dried blood on a hardwood floor is a problem, especially on an untreated wood floor, because liquids left on wood can stain and change color.

We know that blood stains are hard to get out of a floor made of natural wood. But you don’t need to worry! With the tips below, you should be able to remove a blood stain on wood floors easily.

How do you get blood stains off the hardwood floor?

Most people feel stress and mental strain when they see blood stains, especially on wooden floors. So it makes sense that messes should be cleaned up as quickly as possible and, most importantly, without leaving any residue.

The basic rule is to remove blood stains from a parquet floor as soon as possible.

As with other liquids, the longer blood stays on the floor, the more likely it is to damage the wood surface for good. Fresh blood can still be cleaned up pretty easily, but dried blood is much harder to get rid of.

Remove fresh blood stains on the wood floor

Fresh blood spatters on the wood floor can be wiped with a damp cleaning cloth.

It is best to wipe and dab in small circular motions without rubbing the blood stains beyond the affected area.

Using dish soap or soft soap from home can make this job easier.

Finally, the affected area should be thoroughly wiped with fresh water, and the wood floor must be completely dried.

Remove dried blood stains on the wood floor

Follow the steps below on how to remove dried blood stains:

Since this material soaks up the blood’s moisture, the mark will stay. But before you give up on it, we’ll show you how to make the wood look brand new.

1. Make sure the blood is cleaned up as soon as possible.

2. Sprinkle baking soda on the bloodstain.

3. Rub the affected wood with a brush dipped in white kitchen vinegar.

4. Then, use a dry cloth to dry the surface well.

If the blood stain is still there, you can remove it with a cloth moistened with hydrogen peroxide. But you must be careful, especially if you have a dark wooden floor because it could change color.

Sanding is sometimes the only thing that works. Depending on how far the blood has gone into the wood, you may need to remove more or less of it.

It is important to ensure this is done the same way for everyone. After that, you can’t see any more blood, but you can see a small dent in the wood.

Remove blood Stain with Hydrogen Peroxide

There is probably blood on the surface, or the stain is still there.

It is suggested that you wet the spot with hydrogen peroxide and rub the stain until it is gone. Use a cloth dipped in hydrogen peroxide to remove stains from different kinds of wood, furniture, kitchen tables, or utensils.

Hydrogen peroxide is a better way to remove blood than water and is a good choice if water isn’t enough to get the stain out completely.

Use bleach to remove blood stain

Before you use bleach to clean tough stains, you should know that bleach can stain wood. If the wood is darker, it’s best not to use bleach.

Bleach can still slightly change the color of lighter wood. To clean the surface, use a moist cloth and some bleach.

Make sure to wash the wooden object’s surface well with cold water after you’ve treated the stain to your satisfaction.

If blood stains on a wood floor won’t come out, often the only way to fix them is to sand down the affected areas and reseal the floor.

This is not a problem with oiled or waxed parquet, but it is pretty expensive. But it may be necessary to replace the whole floor covering with lacquered parquet.

Before trying to get rid of blood stains on a wood floor, it’s best to test different cleaning products and methods in an inconspicuous area. Always be careful not to damage the sensitive wooden surface!

How to remove blood stains from untreated wood?

Untreated wood, on the other hand, is more likely to get stained because it is not protected like finished wood. The blood can be removed from treated and untreated wood in a few different ways.

  • Sprinkle baking soda on the blood stain.
  • Put some white vinegar on a paintbrush.
  • Use a brush to rub the stained area gently.
  • To clean the afflicted area, use a fresh, dry cloth.
  • Be careful when using bleach on dark wood if the stain is still visible.
  • Put the brush in the bleach and clean the stained area.
  • Use a damp cloth to remove the area and remove any leftovers.
  • Use a rag or towel to dry the wood.

Clean blood stains from Waxed or polished wood

  • Soak up extra blood with a clean cloth.
  • To make the detergent solution, combine 1 cup of cold water and 1/2 tablespoon of liquid detergent in a small bowl.
  • Use a clean cloth to soak it up.
  • Wipe the area with the rag to eliminate any blood still there.
  • Remove the area with a damp cloth to remove any leftovers.
  • Use a towel or rag to dry the wood. Check to see if you can still see the blood stain.
  • If the stain is still visible, dip 0000 steel wool into liquid wax.
  • Use the steel wool to rub the stained area lightly. The steel wool will remove a thin layer of the wood’s surface.
  • Use a soft cloth to clean the surface.

Clean blood stains from Varnished wood

  • Use a wet sponge to get rid of the blood.
  • Wash the sponge. Keep doing what you need to do until the stain is gone.
  • Rinse the area with a damp cloth to remove any remaining stains.
  • Use a rag or towel to dry the wood.