How do I care for and clean Accoya wood decking?

Maintaining and cleaning Accoya wood decking is relatively simple.

As with any wooden terrace, it’s important to remember that natural deterioration can occur, and regular cleaning is necessary.

The frequency of cleaning will depend on the location of the terrace, how it’s used, and personal preference.

A biofilm can build up on the deck, which can retain water and slow the drying rate of the decking. Avoiding a significant accumulation of this layer is important, as high humidity can cause issues.

Regular cleaning is necessary to prevent the formation of a biofilm.

Under normal conditions, an Accoya wood decking should be lightly cleaned several times a year and thoroughly cleaned once a year, particularly in the spring.

More frequent cleaning may be necessary if the terrace is permanently shaded, such as on the north side of a house or near bushes, large trees, and forests.

Cleaning Accoya decking with a brush and clean water is easy. For better cleaning, soak the wooden deck with plenty of water first. Dirt can be brushed out more effectively after a few minutes of exposure.

For heavier soiling, a cleaning chemical may also be used. We recommend using a cleaning product with a PH value of less than nine and thoroughly rinsing with clear water.

Rough-sawn surfaces are more challenging to clean than smooth ones. A high-pressure cleaner is not recommended for wooden terraces and should be avoided.

A high-pressure water jet that is too close and direct can damage the timber flooring of any species.

The wooden floorboards must be covered and protected when using cleaning materials close to hardwood flooring with water pressure.