How to Clean Laminate Floors: Easy Method

Laminate floors have a lot of benefits that make them a good choice for places like living rooms, dining rooms, and remodeling, among other places.

But since nothing is perfect, cleaning these floors isn’t easy. But don’t worry; you’ll find all the information on how to clean laminate flooring right here.

We give you the best advice and step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

Cleaning a laminate floor is simple if you know what to do and have the correct tools. So, we did a thorough look into the tools and products you can and can’t use to keep your laminate flooring looking like new.

First, you need to know that liquids, like water or liquid cleaning products, don’t get along well with laminate flooring. We start with this first tip.

What will you need to clean laminate floors?

First of all, you have to have all the tools and, of course, the cleaning materials:


  • Cleaning fluids (as you choose)
  • vinegar (optional)
  • Isopropyl alcohol (optional)


  • A vacuum cleaner with hose and accessories
  • soft bristle broom
  • microfiber mop

Step by step to clean laminate floors

Remember that water and laminate floors don’t go well together. So, here are some easy steps to clean laminate flooring:

Step 1: Start with dry cleaning

For laminate floors, dry cleaning is important because it keeps the floor as free of dusty grit that can scratch the floor when you walk on it.

It also cuts down on the use of water and other liquids that can damage your floor in a way that can’t be fixed. Because of this, it’s best to clean your floors this way all the time.


Use a soft-bristled broom and a vacuum cleaner with a hose and other attachments to clean this area. The broom lets you keep the floor dust-free, and the vacuum cleaner lets you get into hard-to-reach spots.

Turn the vacuum to its lowest setting to pick up large pieces of trash. Then, sweep away any remaining dust from the edges to the center.

When you’re done sweeping, switch from the vacuum to the hose so you can vacuum around corners and in hard-to-reach places that the vacuum and broom couldn’t reach.

Step 2: Clean the floor with the microfiber mop

After you’ve cleaned your laminate floors with a dry mop, use a microfiber mop and a product of your choice (see “Choose the liquid to use”) to mop the floor.

Keep in mind that the mop needs to be damp, not wet. If your microfiber mop has a lot of water on it, it could damage your floors.


Use a mop that is already damp to spread the chosen liquid. If you put it on the floor, use a small amount, so you don’t make mistakes or cause problems.

Then, move the wet mop in one direction, careful not to miss any spots, and get into all the corners.

Tip: Mop your floor with a damp microfiber mop in the direction that the floor was laid. This way, dirt will get caught in the grooves, making cleaning easier.

Step 3: Choose the liquid to apply

To choose the right liquid to clean your laminate floors, remember that you can’t use the same methods you use to clean ceramic floors on laminate floors.

Not only will it cause the inner layer to swell, but your laminate flooring warranty will also be void.

Many different brands and prices of liquids can be used to clean laminate floors. And it’s important to know that the best option isn’t always the most expensive.

There are also things like Pine-sol, Murphy oil soap, and Fabuloso on the market.

One of the cheapest liquids that can be used is a mixture of hot water and vinegar. These liquids are also better for the environment than aerosol liquids for laminate floors because they are made from natural ingredients.

Add the same amount of vinegar to half a liter of hot water to make it at home. You can add isopropyl alcohol to your floor cleaner to help keep your floors clean and shiny and kill germs and stop the spread of viruses.

Common Mistakes People Make When Cleaning Laminate Floors

To maintain your laminate floors and avoid frustration and mishaps, keep in mind that you should not :

  • Don’t clean your laminate floors with steam. This isn’t necessary and can cause damage that can’t be fixed.
  • Don’t use a traditional wet mop to clean your laminate floors. It can leave a mark that isn’t very nice.
  • Don’t use abrasives; keep liquids and other rough things away from your laminate floors. They can cause scratches and wear that aren’t necessary.
  • Soap and oil detergent are two liquids you shouldn’t use on your laminate floors because they can cause the floor to warp and fall apart.
  • Also, waxes and other products that make your laminate floors shine can dull the shine.
  • Lastly, don’t use abrasive or chlorinated cleaners on laminate floors. These products can damage the floor’s finish, stain it, or even change its color.

Helpful tips

Ultimately, we’ll leave you with a few more important tips for cleaning your laminate floors.

  • If you spill something on laminate flooring, clean it right away.
  • Sweep and vacuum your floor often to keep it clean and clear of dirt and debris.
  • Don’t drag heavy things across your laminate floors. If you have to, put a rug under the object to make it easier to drag.

If you remember these steps and tips for cleaning laminate floors, you will have beautiful, shiny floors for a long time.