Flooring on Top of Decking: Create An Instantly Appealing Outdoor Living Space

Have you ever seen thin wooden floors on the building’s deck? Flooring on top of decking is the thing you’ve seen when your answer is yes.

Such things make the decking floors look eye-catching, particularly when the surroundings are full of gardens, infinity swimming pools, and glass-made walls that separate one room from another.

Today, many flooring companies sell tiles and flooring services that permit wooden floor installations on the top parts of your building’s decks. Some of these products have unique characteristics, such as being water-resistant or anti-slip.

Still, the question is, can we apply floorings on top of our decks? In other words, could we do it? We’ll see the answers.

Can you put flooring over your decks?

Absolutely! Many people have proved that flooring on top of decking exists. You can follow their steps by putting flooring on the top surface of your decks. Here, we provide you with some ideas that we hope will inspire you to do so:

  • Composite decking for tiles and boards makes them appear trendier and more gorgeous while retaining the classical wooden floor touches.
  • Outdoor tiles that are popular in beach areas. These types of flooring resemble traditional patio tiles with increased durability levels.
  • Artificial grasses not only resemble actual grasses but are also environmentally friendly.

(*P.S.: You can even combine any of these three economic deck-flooring ideas to create astonishing deck appearances. For instance, you can combine artificial grasses with composite decking while making the woods visible and polished.)

Pros and cons of applying flooring on top of a decking

While we know that we can apply flooring on top of our deck’s surfaces, the pros and cons are the things we should consider before doing so. More specifically, here are the pros and cons:


  • Among all other projects, this one has one of the lowest costs, and we can DIY many of the materials.
  • It has many different styles and color combinations that we can choose from.
  • Flooring on top of decking is your answer when you need eco-friendly floors. No doubt, it is one of the best outdoor floors.


  • Maintenance steps can be tricky, particularly when the surface cracks.
  • Inexpensive anti-slip floors and the professionals that can handle them are rare.
  • We need to be patient in cleaning up the wooden deck floors.

Choose the correct flooring type for your decks

Picking the correct flooring for your deck doesn’t only require you to examine the purpose of flooring on top of the decking. For instance, it’s not enough that you determine which parts of the indoor and outdoor rooms need which floor designs.

Flooring on top of decking often involves choosing the correct wood types. Costs and durability are not the only things you should consider when you select wooden bases for your top decks’ floors.

For instance, many ancient and traditional Japanese-style dining rooms use cedar due to the wood’s natural looks and lightweight materials.

The steps for choosing the correct floors for the top parts of your deck don’t stop there. Ask yourself how often you’d need to take action on your floors, such as polishing them, dealing with discolors, staining or painting them, and more.

To what extent can we give covers on our top decks’ floors?

We can give covers for our top decks’ floors to polish the floors further. Choosing the correct covers doesn’t only add to the floors’ aesthetic values.

Some flooring covers also provide extra protection in sunny and rainy weather and protect the top decks’ floors against dust and debris.

We recommend that you cover your top decks’ floors with vinyl covers. It is because vinyl is waterproof, and some luxurious vinyl covers also thrive in extremely hot temperatures.

The material may require more lengthy cleaning and maintenance processes than laminate floors, but the results will be worth it for your top decks’ floors.

Vinyl covers are available in the form of the awning, pergolas, pavilions, and roof extensions. Pergola vinyl is one of the best covers for adding luxurious touches to your top decks, while the pavilion form is great to accentuate the classical feel around the outdoor parts of your house.

What cost elements should I consider for flooring the top of my decks?

Mapping the parts that require flooring on top of the deckingand scaling each part in square meters are the first steps in determining your budget. The more flooring elements you can DIY, the more money you can save on the material and labor costs.

You should also consider the types of wood and flooring covers you will use. For instance, cedar decks’ $4-$8 per square meter price range is way cheaper than redwood which can be priced at up to $21 per square meter.

Awnings can also be the best choice for covering the decks because you don’t need to consider the mandatory building permit when installing any roof covers.