How to clean wood floors: With different methods

Wood floors are one of the most common types of floor. More and more rooms are getting high-quality wooden floors, mostly because they look elegant and natural.

Since this wood floor covering is also quite expensive, you should be careful when cleaning it to keep its stylish look for a long time.

Wood floors are generally considered durable and resilient and have an environmentally friendly, easy-care floor covering. Also, wood floors are much cleaner and healthier than carpeting.

A few things must be observed when cleaning Wood floors to ensure that they remain intact and retain their elegant appearance.

Helpful tips for cleaning Wood floors

We’ve put together some simple tips for the best Wood floor cleaning to help you clean as quickly and effectively as possible.

Don’t use a vacuum cleaner

When cleaning floors made of wood, you should never use a vacuum cleaner.

Even a brush attachment, which comes with many models, can scratch and damage the floor for good. Instead, the first choice for cleaning Wood floors should always be floor wipers and brooms.

Use damp cloth

Since putting too much water on a wooden floor is bad for it, only a damp cloth can be used to clean the Wood floors.

Before cleaning with a wiper press or a spin system, the cleaning cover should be well wrung out.

Clean only once a week

Wood floors should be cleaned on dry days and only once a week with water to protect the floor covering.

The main reason to wipe your apartment every day is to get rid of small stones, fine sand, and dust that come in from the outside and often scratches things.

Use specifically for wood floor

The cleaning cover of the floor wiper should be made of cotton or be made especially for cleaning wood floors by the company that makes it.

Because of how they are made, microfiber cleaning cloths can hurt the floor’s surface.

Treat stubborn dirt with a small amount of denatured alcohol

On sealed wood floors, you can use a little spirit to remove dirt that won’t come off and then clean the area after a few minutes.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t use home remedies on wood floors that haven’t been sealed.

Spilled liquids must be wiped up immediately

Liquids that get on wood must be cleaned up right away before they soak in. After that, you might need to clean the area with a special Wood floor cleaner.

Do not use aggressive cleaning agents

Do not use harsh cleaners or scouring pads, like ammonia or chlorine-based liquids. These will damage the protective layer and the wood itself.

Floor wax or oil refresher should be applied once a month

When it comes to wooden floors that aren’t sealed, care products like floor wax or oil refresher should be used once a month to re-impregnate the surface. This way, the wood is protected, and the wood floors keep their beautiful shine.

Lay out doormats and mats

Set up doormats and mats at the entrance to catch large pieces of dust, dirt, fine sand, and small stones. Felt pads under chairs and other furniture help keep the surface from getting scratched.

Only use specific wood floor cleaners

There are cleaning agents that are used. You should only use cleaners made for wood floors when cleaning wood floors.

Wood floors that aren’t sealed need cleaners that add moisture and strengthen the impregnation. For sealed wood floors, you need gentle cleaners that won’t damage the varnish.

Cleaning Wood floors: instructions

Wood floors should be cleaned in the following way to make sure they are hygienically clean and shine brightly:

Wood floors should be swept with a broom or electric broom daily, if possible. So, loose dirt and dust can be gently swept off the floor, preventing more damage or contamination.

You should clean your wood floors weekly with a damp cloth or spray wiper. But the cover of the mop should only be damp, not dripping wet. When wiping, using too much water can damage a wooden floor.

When the wood floors are cleaned with water, they must dry completely. Most of the time, it takes 30 minutes for all the wet spots to dry. You shouldn’t walk on the surface during this time to avoid leaving ugly marks.

After cleaning, wood floors should ideally be worked on once a month. During the process, the protective layer of the floor’s surface is refreshed. This keeps the protection and shine. For wooden floors that haven’t been sealed, you can use an oil refresher, wax to protect them, or a special varnish.

Since there are different kinds of wood floors, cleaning and taking care of them can vary slightly from one type to another.

There is a distinction between sealed wood floors, which come from the manufacturer with a layer of varnish to protect them and unsealed wood floors, which require oil or wax treatment on the wood surface.

Clean sealed Wood floors

Most floors are made of wood that has been sealed. A special layer on the surface protects the wood underneath and stops dust, dirt, and moisture from getting in.

This type of floor covering is called lacquered Wood floors because the thin layer is usually made of eco-friendly materials like water-based paint.

Since the protective layer keeps the wood safe from the outside world, sealed wood floors are the easiest to clean.

Still, when you clean wood floors, you shouldn’t wipe them with too much water because the seal isn’t always perfect, and water gets into the wood, making it swell.

The floor wiper’s cleaning cover should be squeezed hard until slightly damp.

In the case of refreshing the shine of sealed Wood floors, the following measures can be taken:

• When mopping the floor, water and ammonia can be utilized.

• The entire floor can be mopped with cold black tea to restore its luster.

• In cases of obstinate filth, home treatments such as turpentine or spirit can be used to erase stains.

Clean unsealed Wood floors

Unsealed Wood floors do not have a special surface layer that protects the wood underneath.

Here, you can protect the surface by waxing it cold or warm, baking it hot, or putting oil on it. The protective layer is made from natural materials and allows air to pass through so the wood underneath doesn’t get too dry.

It, therefore, offers less protection against dirt and moisture, so it is much more difficult to clean waxed or oiled Wood floors.

Unsealed Wood floors also have to be oiled or waxed and polished regularly so that the wood retains its shine and no signs of wear and tear appear. Most of the time, this is done with a hard wax treatment or oil impregnation.

When wiping unfinished wood floors, you should do the following:

• You can’t use microfiber cloths because the way they are made can hurt the wood. Instead, towels made of cotton are better.

• You need to use special wood floor cleaners to get rid of tough stains and a lot of dirt. On unfinished wood floors, you can’t use home remedies.

• Oiled or waxed wood floors need to be cared for regularly with the right products to keep the finish fresh.

Clean Wood floors with home remedies

Even though most people use special cleaners to clean their wood floors, there are a few things you can do at home to get a clean and shiny wooden floor.

But in general, you should always do a test before you use home remedies to clean Wood floors.

The chosen home remedy is tried on the floor that no one will see, like behind the couch or under a cabinet.

Using the home remedy, you can find out if the floor covering is damaged or messes up the way it looks.

You can use vinegar, soft soap, dishwashing liquid, or black tea on sealed wood floors because a layer protects the wood.

On wood floors that haven’t been sealed, there is no protective layer to protect the wood, so you shouldn’t try out any home remedies here.

Remove stains from the Wood floors

Stains are hard to avoid daily, so the Wood floors floor is bound to get some sooner or later.

But don’t panic! Even the most stubborn stains can be taken care of if you act quickly and use the right products.

When choosing the right cleaner, you should only consider your floor type. Harsh chemicals should be avoided, especially on wood floors that haven’t been sealed.

For example, waxed or oiled wood floors can work well, especially with moisturizing cleaners.

The stains on the wood floors should be cleaned up as soon as possible before they damage the floor surface in a way that can’t be fixed.

Most stains can be removed completely with a cloth and a little water. Sticky stains can be easier to get rid of if you use a special stain spray or certain home remedies.

Wood floor basic cleaning and maintenance

After a few years, a professional should clean the Wood floors if you want them to last for decades and look nice. The implementation should be done with the help of a professional.

During the so-called “basic cleaning,” all the old care products or oils are removed from the surface and cleaned thoroughly.

The protective layer is then put on all over again. Different methods and tools are used when a wooden floor is waxed, oiled, or sealed.

This ensures that the wood floor keeps its elegant look and the surface is well protected.

Repair severe scratches on the Wood floors

It’s usually impossible to keep the surface of a wood floor from getting scratched or other damage over time.

If this can’t be removed with furniture polish, the wood floors may need to be completely refinished.

The whole floor needs to be sanded down and maybe resealed as well. These tasks should also be done by a professional.

In general, it’s not hard to clean wood floors. With the right floor wiper and cleaning covers, the work can be done much more quickly and easily. Find the right way to clean your wood floors so that they shine like new.

If you follow all of the tips for cleaning Wood floors, you can look forward to a floor that stays clean and shiny for a long time.