Is Parquet Flooring Outdated?

Parquet flooring is not a new design in the world of interior design. It’s just that not many people are familiar with its details.

Most people find parquet floorings visually appealing. Therefore, they will never be outdated.

Not only is it superior in beauty, but it has also proven sturdy and strong. However, some don’t like this flooring because of its drawbacks.

Why Do People Not Like Parquet Floors?

Is parquet flooring outdated or not? It depends on someone’s preferences. In addition to giving a feeling of comfort and warmth, this material also provides high aesthetic value.

However, caring for parquet floors is not an easy matter. Various problems often arise, and many think twice about using it. So, why do some people not like parquet floors?

  • Installation requires a flat floor surface. It must be re-cemented to get a completely flat floor surface.
  • Makes a sound every time it is stepped on.
  • They tend to be very slippery, especially when wet.
  • It’s not recommended to be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, or other areas prone to getting wet.
  • Potentially scratched by sharp or blunt objects when moving furniture.
  • If damaged, the replacement must be completely dismantled.
  • It tends to rot if often submerged in water or installed in humid places.
  • The color will fade if often exposed to direct sunlight.

Parquet floors have many disadvantages, but you must also read the parquet flooring pros and cons, so you understand them better.

What Flooring is in Style Now?

Over the last few years, we have become accustomed to regular parquet designs, but this trend is changing. Now the parquets in herringbone or with geometric shapes are back.

For those who like more rustic environments or simply looking for something different within the wooden or parquet floors, irregular pieces are also available, with different lengths and widths.

It is also a trend to apply a touch of color to these wooden floors; we are not referring exclusively to uniform shades of white or gray for the entire floor but to combine different colors for the same floor.

Flooring is one of the keys to making a home look more beautiful and complete. So, what floorings are in style now, other than parquet floors?

Wooden Floors

Wood floors are already famous for their beauty and durability. They can also adjust to the existing room temperature. 

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors do resemble real wood floors. It has a more elastic texture, and its quality is far below parquet floors. Thus, vinyl flooring is resistant to weather changes and is also widely used. 

Granite Floors

In terms of floorings that present a luxurious appearance, granite floors are the answer. With a glass-like shine, granite floors are not complicated to maintain.

Marble Floors

Marble flooring is a luxurious and elegant type of flooring, thanks to the shine it transmits. They are always dry and display a shiny natural color.

Ceramic Floors

Ceramic floors are the cheapest when compared to other trending floors mentioned above. Not only for its relatively low price, but this flooring style also offers a variety of motifs and sizes.

Can Old Parquet Floors be Refinished?

Again, is the parquet floor old-fashioned? Another answer is NO if they can be refinished. Refinishing old parquet floors is the best way to renovate a house to look brand new again. You can read about how to make a parquet floor look modern.

However, this process is long-term, and problems will occur. So, here are easy tips to help you refinish old parquet floors. 

The tools and materials you’ll need:

  • Sandpaper
  • Sander
  • Scraper cape
  • Eye protection or mask
  • Foam roller
  • Sealer


  • Prepare your workspace— Clean the room of any materials that hinder the refinishing process. Close any ventilation holes and place the wires using tape or other materials to prevent dust and other debris. 
  • Repair cracks on the parquet floor with wood filler. Then smooth using a scraper and wipe the floor with a damp cloth to remove remaining dust and dirt. Let dry until it can be sanded.
  • Sand the floor using a sander. Start sanding the surface slowly forward and repeatedly repeat until the surface is smooth.
  • Sand the floor surface with 120 sandpaper. This way, it can remove minor sanding marks and smooth the parquet floor.
  • Use wood color paint or sealer. Use an oil-based paint made just for wood if you want to change the color. Use a roller to apply wood color paint to the surface until evenly distributed.
  • The final step is using a sealer after the color painting process. A sealer is a layer of the floor surface that will protect it from damage caused by water and scratches and add shine.

Do I Need to Replace My Parquet Flooring?

If your parquet floor is damaged, replace the damaged wood tiles only. Don’t disassemble it completely. The following tips are ways to repair wood parquet floors on your own.

  • Remove the damaged parquet gently with pincers and a hammer.
  • Clean the glue layer that is still attached until it is clean.
  • Replace the damaged parquet with a new one. Try to match the type of wood to the previous style so the floor is perfectly aligned.
  • Let the new parquet replace the damaged floor for at least 24 hours. The parquet floor needs to be adjusted to the temperature and humidity of the air until it is perfect.
  • Glue the damaged floor surface. Allow a few minutes for the glue to set and perfectly adhere.
  • Install the new parquet carefully. Make sure the lock side is properly attached.
  • Check the surface, making sure the floor is completely flat.
  • After the new parquet floor is even, refinish using varnish and coating.

Fashions and trends when choosing a parquet

Wooden parquet floors can also go out of style when a new trend comes along. We will talk about current trends, the most popular styles, and the most popular finishes.

Black and white

Even though white isn’t as popular as it used to be, black and white parquets are still popular. However, light and neutral colors are now more popular than white.

The latter are often timeless and can be combined with interior design and furniture to make interesting sets.

Gray parquet

Gray is still popular for wooden parquet floors.

Greis, a combination of gray and beige that looks great in any home, stands out because of its warm gray tones with a hint of brown.

Warm brown

Following the main trends at the most recent international furniture fairs, warm and dark brown floors are popular inside homes.

Pastel colors

With the return to retro and vintage style, pastel colors are back in laminate and floating wood floors.

When pastels are used with warm brown or new greys, they stand out and make a striking effect.