Different ways to wax your wooden floor

Since wood tends to lose its shine if it is not taken care of, it is important to find a good way to wax it and keep it in good shape.

One of the most time-consuming tasks around the house is waxing a wooden floor. But now, there are many ways to wax your wooden floor to make it shine without much trouble.

If you don’t take care of it properly for too long, you’ll start to notice that it loses its elegant and unique look. This is because dirt makes it look old and stained.

In the same way, the lack of wax speeds up the material’s breakdown because the boards tend to crack or twist, making it easier for moisture to get in.

Even though traditional wax is still useful, other products on the market do the same. So, in this article, we’ll talk about some good ways to do this job if you want the wood to look clean and shiny.

What should you use to wax your wooden floor?

Before putting a product on this material, you must consider a few different things.

So, linoleum or cork floors of unfinished wood can be cleaned with liquid wax or oil.

But you shouldn’t use this kind of wax on vinyl floors that have a urethane finish or haven’t been waxed. Also, learn the natural products to recover the shine of your wooden floor.

Paste wax can also be used to shine linoleum or cork floors, as well as concrete and floors that haven’t been varnished. It should not, however, be used on vinyl or urethane finishes.

On the other hand, water-based silicone polish is a great alternative. This can be used on almost any floor except cork, linoleum, and wood that hasn’t been sealed.

So, if you want the wood to look clean and new, you should know how to use the waxes we showed you since the way to use them can change depending on the situation.

Effective ways to wax your wooden floor

If you already know which wax is best for your floor, the next step is to learn how to use it right so the floor looks as good as new. Are you all set? Let’s do it!

Liquid wax and oil

Remove all traces of dirt and dust from the floor’s surface by cleaning it.

Put some liquid wax on a soft cotton cloth and rub it all over the floor.

Use a clean towel or a buffer to buff it as it dries.

Once you see that only the polish is left, you’ll know it’s dry.

Water-based silicone polish

Sweep and wipe the floor to eliminate any dirt that builds up on the boards and in the spaces between them.

Pour some silicone polish on a clean cloth and wet it.

Apply a thin coat to the wood floor, ensuring no bubbles.

Then, use a clean towel or buff the floor when it’s dry.

After putting on each layer, you must let it dry and polish it again before putting on the next one.

Paste wax

As in the other cases, you must sweep or vacuum the floor before using the product.

When the object is clean and dry, dampen a soft, lint-free cotton cloth.

Follow the directions on the wax’s label to apply it to the wood.

Let it dry, and then use a clean towel or polish to smooth it out.

When the surface looks fuzzy, the wax is already dry.

Homemade wax and white spirits recipe

If you want to make your own, we suggest a simple mixture of grated beeswax and white spirit, both oily and leaving the wood clean and shiny.

Several artists used beeswax in their work, which surprised them because it gave the wood a natural finish that showed off its features. Also, check out the beeswax on wood floors pros and cons.

This mixture can also be used on floors and furniture that is starting to look dull or has spots on it.


  • ¼ cup of grated beeswax (50 g).
  • ¼ cup white spirit (62 mL).


  • Grate the beeswax and put it in a heat-safe container. Melt the container in a bain-marie.
  • When it looks like it’s going to run, stir it with a wooden spatula and slowly pour in the white spirit.
  • Mix it until it is all the same, then take it off the heat.
  • Please let it settle at room temperature and put the product in a container with a screw-top lid.
  • If the smell of white spirit bothers you, you can cut it down by adding some essential oils.


  • Clean the wood floor’s surface and put on as much wax as you think it needs.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to rub until it has the shine you want.

Final Thought

Please choose the best way to wax your hardwood floor and give it the care it needs to keep looking nice.

As you can see, the way to do it is almost always the same. It is only different when you use a different kind of wax.