What Is The Cheapest Way to Seal Wooden Floor

Do you use hardwood for your flooring? We know that applying hardwood flooring will not be cheap, especially for high-quality wood one.

Many people who choose a lower standard for hardwood floors will find it easily damaged by spills, humidity, foot traffic, and many more. That is why sealing the wood floor is one of the choices to protect the wood floor.

Nowadays, you may find many ways to seal your wooden floor. However, which one is the cheapest way to seal a wooden floor?

For those who plan to seal or refinish the wood floors, you should know some information about this issue in the following explanations. Let’s check them out together!

Things to Consider Before Sealing Wooden Floor

Before sealing the wooden floor, you need to consider several things first. The consideration itself relates to your budget and the need for your wooden floor.

The condition of the wooden floor

The first thing you must consider before deciding to seal your wooden floor is checking the condition of the flooring.

Does it need to seal or not?

Most people will recommend sealing for wooden floors. However, you can check with the professionals whether your wooden floor needs it.

Determine the finish

Before selecting the sealer, you need to determine the finish first. In this case, two types of finish are oil and water-based finish.

You should pick the correct finish depending on the wood type, color, and grain pattern.

The correct choice of finish will help you to protect the wooden floor. Besides, the right finish can give you a better result of finish.

Know the steps

Knowing how to seal wooden floorboards becomes another consideration before sealing the wooden floor.

It is important knowledge for those who want to seal their wooden floor by their selves. However, you can ask professionals to do the job to get the best result.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Seal Wood Floor?

For those who want to seal their wooden floor, you can choose affordable ways to reduce the budget. Here, there are 2 inexpensive ways that you can try to get a seal and refinish your wood floor at home.

Recoating with Polyurethane

In recoating with polyurethane, you need a buffer machine that you can rent from the home improvement store. This method is long-lasting enough and can cost you lower than other ways to refinish wooden floors.

Besides, recoating with polyurethane will give you a good result like the professionals. It means that you can have a great wood floor even though you did the job of refinishing the wooden floors by yourself. 

Using Abrasion Kit

An abrasion kit is a good choice for you to refinish the wood floors with a minimum budget. The abrasion kit is easily found online or at many stores near you.

Even though there are many brands offered on the market, the abrasion kit has the same tools and chemicals.

The use of an abrasion kit is simple, so many people can refinish wood floors even without professionals. In addition, the refinishing process can be faster than other methods with heavy sanding.

Other Ways to Refinish and Seal Wood Floors

Besides recoating with polyurethane and using an abrasion kit, you can apply a revitalizer. It is the cheapest way you can choose. You can do the job without equipment rentals or many materials.

This method comes to be the best idea for wood floors with minimal tear and wear. Besides helping the wooden floor to restore its shine, it also can fill the scratches on the floor. As a result, your wooden floors will look brand new without spending much money.

This method is a good choice for surface-level scratches and minor tear issues floor. When the wooden floor is damaged too much, you cannot get the maximum result after applying a revitalized.

In addition, to keep the floor still looking shining, you need to use the revitalizer frequently.

Apply the revitalizer gloss is simple.

  • Clean the floor so it is free from grime and dust. Ensure you use a damp mop, so the wooden floor will not be damaged because of the water used.
  • Apply the revitalizer on the floor. You can follow the instruction written in every package of revitalizer.
  • Please wait for the revitalizer until it is dried before you put the furniture in the room.

Benefits of Sealing Wooden Floor

There are several benefits of sealing and refinishing your wooden floor. The first one is sealing helps your floor to look brand new and has a timeless beauty. You may know that a dull wooden floor makes the house look dull.

Besides, it can help the floor to be more durable because the chemical for sealing or refinishing has a protective barrier.

Even now, you can find the cheapest way to seal the wooden floor, making your wooden floors look great without spending too much money.

Which seal should the wooden floor have?

Prices for preparing the floor also depend on the type of sealant, but the time-consuming work is what makes up most of the costs. So, there isn’t much chance of saving money on material costs.

The sealing should be chosen based on the stress that will be put on it. Wax or oil is applied only once. A square meter of the material costs between 60 cents and $1.

You can buy wood floor varnish for $2 to $3 per square meter. This needs to be done in two layers, with sanding in between.

Since the sealant cost is a small part of the whole, it doesn’t make sense to use a cheap acrylate sealant, which wears out faster.

Dull running roads are formed, and the paint becomes brittle or peels off due to light aging, which means the following workup is due earlier.

Cost differences in wood floor sealing

What kind of sealer is used determines how much it costs to sand and seal. But most of the cost does not come from this. Sanding wood floors takes a lot of time and work, so labor costs are the biggest factor.

Because of this, there aren’t many ways to save money when you sand down the floorboards. You have to work faster and risk the result if you want to save money on labor costs.

A price per square meter is always an hourly wage per square meter. Because of this, discount battles are not a good idea when sanding parquet floors.

Disadvantages of cheap wood floor seal

As was already said, it doesn’t make sense to save money on sanding the parquet sealing when sanding the wooden floor.

Too little of the total cost is being paid. Whoever still uses a cheaper seal, like one made of pure acrylate, to save money runs the risk of it wearing out faster.

The surface gets dull quickly, and “running roads” can start to form. The paint also gets hard and cracks after just a few years and falls off in places where it gets a lot of light or moisture.

At that point, a new wood floor renovation is necessary and will cost the same amount as before.