Wooden Deck Replacement Cost: How much It Is and Why It’s Worth The Extra Money

A deck built for years may get damaged in certain parts. Deck replacement is the best way to avoid danger when people do activities on the deck.

The replacement can be full or partial, depending on the need and the deck’s condition. Meanwhile, the deck replacement cost may vary from one to another.

Some factors, such as the deck material, how big the deck is, and what kind of deck replacement it needs, can influence the cost of it. People can adjust the replacement deck plan when it is over budget.

Why Should You Replace Your Wooden Deck Floor?

Knowing the time when the deck should get replaced is essential for homeowners. Finding the deck board’s problems could help homeowners know when they need the replacement. Below are some issues that are commonly found in the deck boards.

  • Erosion
  • Rooting wood
  • Age
  • Loose railings
  • Widespread discoloration

After finding the problems, the homeowners will see how serious the problems are. When it can cause danger, the deck replacement should be replaced soon. Besides, some people choose to replace their wooden deck floor because they want a non-wood floor. Typically, a non-wood deck has low maintenance with a longer lifespan.

Things to Consider Before Replacing Wooden Deck Floor

How much would it cost to replace my decks?

Before replacing the wooden deck floor, all homeowners should consider several things. Those relate to the materials, contractor, budget, and deck maintenance.


The next deck’s construction material is the first item you should think about.

Here, you better choose a stronger and tougher material for the deck. Those who prefer a wood deck need to look for a better wood quality with a longer lifespan. However, choosing non-wood materials can be another good idea too.

Contractor or Professional

The contractor is essential to consider because it relates to the budget or the result you may get later. You may do the replacement yourself as long as you know how. Meanwhile, when you choose a contractor, ensure they are the trusted ones who will give you the best services.


There is nothing more important to consider than a budget. You can arrange a rough budgetary first and check whether the value still is on your budget. A small deck replacement cost is typically lower than a large one. However, it depends on what materials are used.

Deck design

Before you build a new deck, a handyperson will help you plan it out on paper. You can design your deck, but a professional or landscape architect can help. A landscape architect has a lot of knowledge, experience, and creativity. They can also pay close attention to the decking’s practical parts to ensure it’s built right.

Form and position of decking

As you can see above, laying composite decking in a round shape will take more work and cost more money. But things like stairs and whether or not a platform is far above the water can make the work harder and change the number of hours.

How Much Does It Cost for a Deck Replacement?

The average deck removal cost per square foot is between $15 to $55.

This price is for the common replacement because boards break, rot, crack, swell, or warp from water. It may need extra costs from $200 to $500 when the boards are too damaged.

Meanwhile, for deck stairs replacement, it will cost $30 to $60 per step, and there is an extra charge of $200 for the disposal of the stairs.

Then, the cost to replace the deck railing is about $50 to $250 per linear foot, and deck joists replacement costs $150 to $350 per joist.

The cost to replace deck posts is $200 to $400.

For the deck footing replacement, the cost ranges from $300 to $400 per footing.

All the costs or labor cost to replace deck boards may vary depending on the materials used for the replacement and the contractor. Usually, the different contractors will offer different prices for the job.  

How is the price of wooden decking composed

Always keep in mind that every wooden deck is different. So, the exact cost of decking depends on the type of wood it is made of. This also explains why the price difference is not very small.

Most of the choices you make when you buy wooden decking will affect how much they cost. We have given you a list of these options.

How big should your deck be?

Decking made of wood costs per square meter. A large deck costs a lot more than a small one.

How intensively is the decking used?

You prefer to buy wood decking that gets a lot of use and is often walked on or sat on by many people. You also know that the decking can handle the weight and will last a long time.

Place a heavy garden set on the decking.

For example, a solid base is needed for a heavy garden set made of scrap wood or wood from scaffolding. So, choose decking that can handle this weight. Most of the time, you end up with the more expensive and thicker types of wood.

Can the rain get to your deck?

If rain can get to your decking, you have to ensure they will not become too slippery. Decks with grooves give you more grip and keep you from slipping.

How much maintenance do you want on your decking?

The cheapest wood decking comes from Europe. But these deckings also need the most work to keep them in good shape. To keep the weather from getting a hold of it, you must treat it often.

Repair or Replace Deck Floor

After checking the wood deck and its problem, the homeowners should consider whether it needs a repair only, a partial replacement, or a full replacement.

Repair is the best idea when it comes to a small problem. Typically, repairing the deck will have a lower cost than the replacement.

Even though the cost of replacing a wood deck involves a lot of labor (screwing, mending, sanding, staining, and varnishing), it is less expensive because no new wood needs to be purchased.

Still, hardwood is a building material that costs a lot to buy. Its installation, which needs to be done by a professional, can also increase the bill.

However, when the problems on the decks look bad and dangerous people are on the deck, the best solution is to replace the deck. Partial replacement can be done when the great damage is only found in a certain deck area.

Even very old deck floors can be made good again by a skilled craftsperson; he can bring back their original shine with modern sanding and varnishing techniques and give them new finishes. The fact that the floor is very old is not a good enough reason to say that it has to be replaced.

DIY or Ask a Professional to Do the Job?

If your deck needs to be replaced, you can do it yourself if you know what you’re doing.

Besides, DIY replacement is still possible when you have the complete equipment and tools at home. Typically, the DIY job is recommended for a simple replacement of the deck.

Meanwhile, when you find a too-damaged deck, it is better to ask a professional to do the job. Usually, it needs a full replacement which requires professional skill and advanced equipment or tools.

Besides doing the job, the professional can give some suggestions for the next deck. You may look for a professional near you.  

Cost-effective strategies for constructing a new deck

Have you always wished that your garden had a deck? But are you surprised by how much this usually costs? We’ve already given you some interesting ways to save money that can help you cut the cost of your decking by a lot.

Save on the purchase of decking.

If you want to save money on decking, choosing a cheaper type of wood can be interesting instead of hardwood. You can also choose composite, which lowers the price even more.

Install the decking yourself.

Placing decking does not have to involve many problems. In principle, every do-it-yourselfer has the option of installing such decking.

It would be best if you thought about how straight the decking is. By putting in the decking yourself, you can save on labor costs, which are not insignificant and can make a difference in the final bill.

Final Thought

If you want to buy wooden decking, you first should look on the internet to see where it is sold and how much it costs.

But many people don’t know or realize that almost everything on the internet is for sale and isn’t of good enough quality that buying decking should be an investment instead of an expense.

You can find wooden decking boards everywhere, but you must look for good ones.