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The Elegance of Cherry Wood Flooring in Modern Design: characteristic, pros, and cons

Cherry wood floors are one of the most popular species used for hardwood floorings.

When first installed, cherry wood flooring is soft and has a light pink color that becomes deep red for six months up to two years, depending on how much sun exposure it gets.

Even though cherry hardwood floors are considered soft hardwood, it maintains good durability.

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Cherry wood flooring Characteristics

Not only famous for its delicious fruit but a cherry tree is also known to produce quality wood. In the US, cherry wood flooring is one of the most popular wood materials used for interior designs. So, what are the main characteristics of cherry wood for flooring?

  • Cherry wood is strong and hard. The texture of the wood is distinctly rigid.
  • Cherry wood is reddish-brown or reddish-gray, especially when it darkens over time.
  • A distinctive characteristic of cherry wood is its subtle aroma.
  • Cherry wood is suitable in almost any interior, especially for floorings.
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American Cherry Wood

American Cherry, also known as Prunus serotina, is a type of wood that grows in the Eastern United States, primarily in states such as Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and New York.

The heartwood of this wood is a warm red to reddish brown color and darkens over time when exposed to light, while the sapwood is a creamy white.

The grain is fine and straight, with a smooth texture. It may also contain naturally occurring brown spots and grooves.

American Cherry is easy to work with, making it a popular choice for furniture, cabinetry, premium carpentry, kitchen cabinets, moldings, paneling, floors, doors, boat interiors, musical instruments, and carving.

Additionally, it dries relatively quickly with moderate shrinkage but maintains good dimensional stability after kiln drying.

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Cherry Wood Flooring Pros and Cons

Wooden floorings are one of the reasons home buyers often look for when buying a house. Cherry wood flooring, for example, has several advantages. However, this type of wood floor material also has its advantages. Therefore, what are the pros and cons of cherry hardwood floors?


  • Cherry wood gives a luxurious look to your home flooring. They add shine to a room instantly with a smooth surface.
  • Cherry wood floors can last a long time; they are durable and have strong characteristics.
  • It has a hard surface and is resistant to damage when treated properly.
  • The installation process is relatively easy because the wood planks are thick and can be adjusted to the floor’s height.
  • Suitable to be combined with the use of various modern home interiors. For example, furniture materials, room color combinations, etc., will add to a space’s attractiveness.


  • Requires regular polishing to maintain its finish, which will incur a hefty fee.
  • The floor surface can be easily scratched.
  • This wood flooring will be damaged if water seeps. Normal mopping with a damp cloth is acceptable, but make sure no water drips from the mop.
  • Because of the soft texture of cherry wood, heavy objects should be avoided from being placed on cherry wood floors.
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How to Make Cherry Wood Floors Look Modern

Cherry wood flooring is a flooring alternative that has quite a high appeal. Most homeowners have used it for the last 10 years because it is very good quality. Renovating or changing the look of a house or a room is one way to make cherry wood floors look modern. Here are some ideas to modernize your cherry hardwood floor.

Update Your Cherry Wood Floor

Choose a good finishing paint for the wood floor. Dark glossy colors can create a luxurious impression or a bright matte finish in the living room.

Choose the Right Decoration and Furniture

You can replace your furniture with a new one. For example, put a sofa in the family room to replace your wooden chairs. Add plants with pots in the corner of the room. Add a floor rug with a contrasting color to the wood color.

Use Good Lighting

Lighting can make a drastic appearance in a room. You can use a minimalist chandelier with bright light in a modern concept. So, it is necessary to choose the right light to get the maximum appearance of your cherry wood floor.

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Caring for Cherry Wood Flooring Do’s and Don’ts

Daily maintenance of cherry hardwood floors is useful to ensure that they are always in a clean state. The form of maintenance is very easy. Various types of work can be done in caring for cherry wood flooring to be in good condition and well-maintained. Meanwhile, there are also things you shouldn’t do to this type of wood floor since they can cause permanent damage.


  • Sweep your cherry wood floor with a soft, non-abrasive bristle or a broom made of soft nylon thread.
  • It is highly recommended to clean your cherry wood floors using a vacuum cleaner since a vacuum cleaner will not adversely affect any wooden floors. 
  • Use a rag or dry cloth with soft fibers (microfiber cloth) to clean the wooden floor of dirt.
  • The corners of the room usually have more dust and dirt. If not removed immediately, dirt will cause stubborn stains that are difficult to remove. The fix is ​​to gently brush the corner of the wooden floor using a soft-bristled toothbrush.  


  • Mop wood floors with water.
  • Clean the cherry wood floor using a broom with coarse fibers.
  • Wear high heels on the wooden floor.
  • Move furniture by pulling or pushing it across the wooden floor.
  • Use a floor cleaning liquid for cleaning.
  • Leaving the wood floor soaked in water for too long.
  • Leaving the wooden floor exposed to direct sunlight.
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The location where cherry wood grows is crucial

The American Cherry, also known as the Black Cherry, grows on the east coast of the United States.

Its distinct appearance, characterized by its color and growth structure, makes it a desirable choice for many uses.

The ideal location for growing American Cherry is the Greenwich area in Pennsylvania, where the trees boast the most striking color and the least amount of gum, a black, sticky substance found in the wood.

The cooler environment in this region also contributes to the overall hardness of the cherry flooring.

While American Cherry has traditionally been used in interior design and furniture production, it is now gaining popularity for flooring due to advancements in lacquer and oil treatments.

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Cherry flooring in classic and modern designs

A floor made of American Cherry can look good with modern and traditional furniture. But it’s not true that cherry wood can only be used to make traditional furniture. Whether a design is modern or classic has nothing to do with the type of wood used. Like any other type of wood, cherry floors can go with any style.

They can be sanded and finished in different ways to make them look different, from rough and natural to smooth and modern.

Also, cherry wood is often stained, allowing people to change it to suit their tastes and styles.

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Which finish for cherry floors?

Choosing the right finish for your cherry flooring is crucial for its overall appearance.

Applying oil to American cherry wood will darken the floors over time, whereas varnishing them will maintain their original color.

Black Cherry can be finished with a matte, non-glossy lacquer or a warm lacquer, depending on your preference.

Since the final design will be greatly affected by the finish you choose, it is recommended that you visit us to get a test board before making a decision.

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Cherry Wood floor price

The cost of a wooden floor is influenced by various factors, not just the price of the wood itself. Type of Wood: Different types of wood have different prices and qualities, affecting the overall cost of the flooring.

Knots in Wood: The number and size of knots in the wood can also affect the final cost of the flooring.

Plank Width: Wider planks can be more expensive than narrower ones.

Installation Method: Installing a floor using the floating method is usually cheaper than gluing it down.

Finish: The type of finish used on the floor, such as oil or lacquer, can also affect the cost.

Solid vs. Parquet: Solid wood flooring is typically more expensive than parquet flooring.

Subfloor: The type of subfloor beneath the wooden flooring can affect the installation cost.

Underfloor Heating: Installing underfloor heating can add to the overall cost of the flooring.

Location: The cost of transporting the flooring to its final location can also be a factor.

Professional vs. DIY: A professional installing the flooring will typically be more expensive than doing it yourself.

Special Treatments: Treatments like smoking or brushing can add to the flooring cost.

Total Area: The total area of the flooring can also affect the final cost, with larger areas generally costing more.

cherry wood flooring texture

Final Thought

It is unjustified that cherry floors are not as widely used as wooden floors because American cherry wood is a beautiful and durable option for flooring.

The use of varnish and contemporary oil finishes not only enhances the appearance of cherry floors but also provides excellent protection.

This classic wood, traditionally used for furniture, is a perfect choice for wooden floors, as it is harder than European cherry wood.

Although it may not reach the hardness of tropical woods, American cherry wood is still suitable for wooden floors.