China Engineered Wood Flooring: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Hardwood floors

Although floorings such as vinyl, plush carpets, or patterned tiles are available, the sleek and modern Wood is hard to beat.

Hardwood flooring is a popular choice for households all around the world. It is versatile, has a warm ambiance, and provides a stable environment for families of any size. It’s also suitable for offices or businesses, as hardwood is easily combined to create a professional-looking space.

The plethora of options to choose from can be overwhelming. However, do not be daunted. Having options means that you can optimize your hardwood flooring according to your needs as closely as possible.

Size, color, the amount of area covered, budgeting costs, and other estimations will all come into play. China engineered wood flooring is one of our clients’ most popular hardwood flooring options. 

Why You Should Choose China-Engineered Wood Flooring

China-engineered hardwood is currently one of the most accessible sources in the market. They offer a wide range of options, with colors, size, density, and other attributes available.

Although materials and color matter in customizing your space, the manufacturing source should also be considered.

Local or overseas manufacturers would affect budgeting costs more than any other attributes that come with the Wood.

Several overseas manufacturers, such as China, offer a less steep price tag than flooring bought locally. If purchased in bulk, most factories in China also reduce prices further.  

The Pros and Cons of China-Engineered Wood Flooring

Because China-engineered wood flooring is one of the main options for consumers, a list of the pros and cons of their hardwood can be found below.

The pros of engineered hardwood flooring from china include the following:

  • Ease of accessibility

Because China is one of the biggest sources in the market, their engineered hardwood can be accessed from anywhere in the world. China is prominent in other parts of Asia, Europe, and even the States. As such, ordering China-engineered hardwood is often only a hand-width away.

  • Cheaper prices

China also offers lower prices as compared to other prices of imported Wood. High number of factories allow cheaper production costs within the country, translating to a cheaper overall total product cost. Bulk production of hardwood also reduces production costs, which leads to the next point below.

  • Mass production

China boasts numerous large factories within and outside the country capable of producing hardwood in large quantities to meet market demands. Thus, hardwood stock can be out of your worries, allowing you to order large quantities of Wood if needed.

  • Customization potential

Due to the number of factories centered around hardwood, a range of sizes, colors, materials, and other attributes can be chosen to fit your list of criteria. As some factories also offer custom-made hardwood, further specifications from consumers with special order can be easily met.

 The cons of China-engineered wood flooring include the following:

  • Possibility of quality compromise

Because China offers many factories, some practices are inevitably left unregulated and unmonitored since it is harder to control a vast area within a limited time period. Produced Wood may not be up to standard in some cases.

  • Discrepancies in quality

Some differences in hardwood quality from different manufacturers in China might occur. This is due to the different possible instructions in manufacturing per factory.

  • Durability cannot be guaranteed

Shortcuts can be taken during the process to meet market demands quickly. And thus, compromise in the durability and longevity of the Wood can sometimes be observed with some consumers.

  • Chemicals or other agents from the wood manufacturing process are sometimes unlisted

As stated in cons point 1, unregulated and unmonitored practices often result in residual traces of chemicals in the Wood. These chemicals or other agents applied during the process might be harmful if exposed for long periods; often, they are not listed in the methods of safe practices.

Comparison with America and Europe-Engineered Wood Flooring

Having a prominent place in American and Canadian soils, China-engineered wood flooring is one of the biggest produced worldwide. And thus, as compared to both American and Europe sources, wood floor from china is offered at a significantly lower price for consumers and clients alike.

Both America and Europe-engineered hardwoods are offered at a much higher price. This can also be due to currency, as Yuan (Chinese currency) is not as highly valued as Dollar (American currency) or even Euros (European currency).

And thus, it is more affordable for markets with similarly valued currencies – largely parts of Asia and Africa, compared to prices offered by the Western hemisphere.

However, since every wood source has different manufacturing practices, the difference in quality can be observed. Discrepancies between manufacturing styles have a high possibility of occurring.

China’s standard of wood manufacturing might not be up to standard if held against American or European styles of practice, and vice versa.

It is known that China mass produces its hardwood for flooring and other purposes; as such, there is a possibility that some wood practices are unregulated, resulting in a lower quality product to meet market demands. The durability of the Wood cannot be guaranteed.

It is also known that China produces high-quality imitations. Instead of original hardwood, consumers might receive an imitation of hardwood for their flooring.

How to choose the Best Engineered Wood Flooring Manufacturers From China

When it comes to engineered wood flooring, many people consider manufacturers in China to be top choice.

One of the main reasons is that Chinese manufacturers often provide quick turnaround times, which is great for those who need flooring installed quickly. Additionally, Chinese suppliers have sophisticated supply chains that allow them to provide a wide range of products at competitive prices.

Furthermore, many suppliers have highly skilled labor that can produce quality products. Many well-known American, Canadian, and European brands have their wood flooring supplier in South China.

To ensure the best results, selecting a reliable, high-quality, and fast-delivery factory is essential before purchasing engineered wood flooring from China.

To make sure you make the best decision, you can also check for tips and guidelines available for identifying good manufacturers in China.

Veneer Grade

When sourcing engineered wood flooring in China, consider veneer grades and plywood structure. Veneer grades determine the appearance and quality of the Wood, with different grades used by different factories and brands.

The veneer’s thickness also affects the flooring’s durability and performance, with thicker veneers recommended for sawn-cut veneers.

Reliable manufacturers have strict quality management and a large stock of different veneer grades. However, the cost of flooring increases with the thickness of the veneer.

Plywood Quality

Plywood is the core of engineered wood flooring and plays an important role in determining its stability and lifespan.

Quality plywood, which is more stable and strong than softwood or hardwood, is essential for dimensional stability, moisture resistance, and a longer lifespan of engineered flooring.

This is why factories prefer multi-layer engineered wood flooring over 2-ply or 3-ply options. Good quality plywood should be evenly glued and distributed without overlaps or gaps.

Different species of plywood offer varying levels of moisture resistance and stability.

Chinese factories offer a range of options, including birch, eucalyptus, pine, and poplar & fir. Research shows that baltic birch is the best and most expensive plywood option.

Flooring Moisture Content Control

Engineered wood flooring requires proper moisture control management to prevent cupping and bowing. This includes acclimating the flooring to ambient climate conditions.

The best moisture content for engineered wood flooring is 6-8% in cold regions, 7-11% in temperate regions, with a relative humidity of 30-50% and a temperature of 60-80°F.

Cold Press or Hot press veneer

The cold press method is more stable and prevents moisture infiltration, while the hot press is less stable and may result in quality issues.

Customers should ask for CARB certificates and test results to ensure formaldehyde emissions meet their standards. Most manufacturers in China are formaldehyde-free due to environmental policy.

Veneer Defects Repairing

Veneer surface and color are important factors in determining the beauty and price of engineered wood flooring.

High-grade veneer has a smooth and perfect surface, while AB and ABC grades are good options for clean engineered wood flooring. ABCD, CD, CDE, and EF grades are good options for natural wood characteristics.

The factory’s repair method and wood filler also impact the quality of engineered wood flooring.

Factories in South China use high-quality, durable epoxy resin filler for a natural look and high-end market appeal, unlike factories in Eastern China that use cheap wood powder filler.

Tongue and Groove Quality

Most factories in China use Germany Homag for high-quality Tongue and Groove products.

It’s recommended to check the manufacturer’s machine and technical sheet to ensure the product meets requirements.

Click system costs an additional 1.5-2 USD/sqm and requires paying patent fees.

UV Lacquer Coating and Oil

Engineered wood flooring is treated with methods such as UV lacquer and oil to protect the surface and give it a unique look.

Durability, water resistance, anti-scratch, and UV resistance are determined by the type of UV lacquer used.

The factory uses Germany Treffert lacquer, known for its durability, scratch resistance, and UV resistance. Lacquer is also classified by 3 levels of adhesive, hardness, and anti-scratch quality.

Flooring package

An effective flooring package is essential for maintaining the quality of the product, regardless of whether it is intended for retail or a construction project.

This is because it helps to keep the moisture content of the flooring in balance, which can prevent issues such as cupping and bowing.

Additionally, pallets can help protect the flooring from external damage caused by stones or hardwood and make it easier to move the flooring during loading and unloading in warehouses and transportation.

Delivery time

When selecting a flooring manufacturer for a project, the budget, timeline, quality requirements, and shipping time must be kept in mind.

One way to ensure success is to work with a factory with a good stock of plywood and various grades of wood veneer.

Also, maintaining open communication with the manufacturer can help advance your order if needed.

Flooring price

Pricing for flooring can be a challenging aspect for both customers and manufacturers. Sourcing hardwood or engineered wood flooring from China can result in a wide range of prices.

Evaluating raw materials and labor costs is crucial to find a reputable supplier.

Working with quality flooring manufacturers can save money and benefit business growth, while low-quality suppliers can harm the business.

Maintaining open communication with flooring suppliers for professional advice on products and industry trends is suggested.

Wood Flooring Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

Kentier: a leading wood flooring manufacturer in China.

Lianfeng: is the largest wooden home manufacturer in China.

Gloria Floor: China’s number one exporter of wooden flooring.

Anxin Flooring: is the largest solid wood manufacturer in China.

Power Dekor: a leading laminate flooring manufacturer in China.

Elegant Living: is an engineered wood flooring manufacturer in China.

Der: China’s most relevant brand as it deals with only Wood floorings.

Trees Sun: Has more than 1,800 specialty stores located throughout China.

Nature Wood: manufactures both solid Wood and engineered wood flooring.

Baier Wood: is a supplier of wood flooring, doors, and kitchen cabinets in China.

Yangzi Flooring: manufactures laminate, hardwood, and engineered flooring in China.

Davie Floor: Offers wood floorings like wooden floor laminates and solid wooden floors.

Vohringer: offers a wide range of wooden products such as flooring materials, cabinets, and wardrobes.

Elivin: offering revolves around four major items: wooden floor, Laminate flooring, Parquet, and Three-layer solid wood floor.