Fabuloso on wood floors: How good is it for cleaning?

You can find Fabuloso as a staple in your household. But did you know this multi-purpose surface cleaner is worth a place inside your house? The product holds a myriad of functions that you can use.

Fabuloso is an all-purpose cleaner used for various purposes on different surfaces. You can use Fabuloso on wood floors to clean and treat any hard surface in your home because it has a neutral pH value.

Because Fabuloso Cleaner has a neutral pH value, it will not harm the surface it is used on. It also easily removes dirt and stains.

Fabuloso comes in various sizes and scents. You can choose between lavender, lemons, and a fruity and floral choice. They also have a disinfectant line that you can use on your windows and countertop.

Can fabuloso be used on wood floors

One advantage of fabuloso is that it can clean wood floors. It works great to clean your floor from grime and dirt. You also can clean grease and other stains using this product. Again, Fabuloso is a multi-purpose cleaner that works on various surfaces, including wood.

You don’t have to worry about Fabuloso will leave scratches or even bad stains on your floor. The cleaner has a chemical compound that with pH close to water. So you can use Fabuloso to mop without any worry. Your floor will be clean and come out without a scratch.

Is fabuloso good for wood floors

After knowing that you can use Fabuloso on a wood floor, you may wonder if it works as a long-time solution. The answer is yes; you can use it as your long-time cleaner solution. Including Fabuloso as part of your cleaning supplies may work for your budget.

It’s a reliable cleaner, including for your wood floor. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about it hurting the floor. Of course, you need to keep following the direction in the packaging.

You can use Fabuloso to clean hardwood floors. Fabuloso is a versatile surface cleaner that can be used for different types of floors. It won’t damage your floor, so you don’t have to worry.

Fabulous is a great choice to have if you’re on a budget. It’s very affordable and comes in various sizes. You can stock a couple of bottles up if you’re covering a large floor space.

How to Use Fabuloso on Wood Floors

Firstly, you need to dissolve a quarter cup of the liquid into a gallon of water. Make sure that you use a clean bucket to dissolve Fabuloso.

Another thing you need to make sure of is that you have swept the floor beforehand. Using Fabuloso on a dirty floor will only transfer the dirt and even scratch the surface.

Mop the floor using the Fabuloso water. Make sure you cover all surfaces and don’t see any excess water on the floor. If you find any excess, wipe the surface with a dry cloth once.

Air drying for about half an hour is the best way to dry the floor. But if you’re in a hurry, you can use a dry and clean cloth to quick-dry it. 

Can you use fabuloso on laminate or engineered wood floors?

Yes, you can. Fabuloso also works on an engineered wood floor or a laminate one. You don’t have to worry about it seeping inside your floor and ruining it. After all, laminate wood floor is waterproof.

Some people directly apply Fabuloso to the wooden floor instead of dissolving it into water. If you’re following this method, you need to remember to rinse the floor thoroughly. Or you’re risking getting dirty again.

Fabuloso can create grease and attract more dirt when you don’t risk it well. And since the laminate floor is waterproof, you should be able to mop it clean again without worry.

Why Should You Choose Fabuloso For Engineered Wood Flooring? Manufacturers make these engineered hardwood floors with wood as the primary component. These floors must be cleaned in the same manner as any other hardwood floor.

Utilizing a wiper with good wipe capabilities would be beneficial here. It should also dry rapidly.

It would be preferable if you utilized a vacuum with a soft floor attachment. The solution should not be too difficult for the floor to handle.

What Makes Fabuloso cleaner Special?

Fabuloso cleaner contains the following characteristics that make it ideal for engineered wood flooring. Fabuloso can be used on all types of floors. The unique features of this cleaner:

1. Clean vibes for 24 hours

Most of the time, we utilize floor cleaners. After about 10 to 15 minutes, they’re almost done. Let’s say you cleaned the floor. After a while, the floor’s clean smell will be gone when you clean it. Also, the shine goes away quickly.

You will always want to find a way to clean and shine your floors for a long time. You’ll also want nice-smelling wood floors.

This great cleaner smells like fresh lavender for 24 hours after being used to clean wood floors. It will keep your floors clean so you can have a great day.

2. A versatile cleanser

Aren’t you tired of using different cleaners in your bathroom and kitchen? This makes it hard to organize different things for different reasons. Using a solution that could clean the whole floor would be much easier.

This cleaner is perfect for cleaning a lot of different things. It can clean the hardwood floors in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and other rooms. This means you won’t have to buy any more cleaners.

3. You don’t have to upload anything.

Most of the time, we use a cleaning solution, and when we’re done, we have to rinse the floor. It’s not easy to do.

This problem is taken care of when you use this great cleanser. When you use this to clean hardwood floors, you won’t have to rinse or clean up any leftover dirt because this solution cleans it perfectly. Turns on the mechanism for deep cleaning.

4. You can easily carry it.

There are many rigid cleaning products on the market. Customers notice how hard it is to move the cleaners.

But this cleaner is easy to pack because it only comes in a plastic bottle that is good for the environment. It is simple to use.

5. As A Disinfectant

Fabuloso Cleaner is a great way to clean and disinfect your floors. This will kill bugs, germs, and other pests that you don’t want on your floors.

Fabuloso vs. pine-sol

Fabuloso and pine-sol are both powerful cleaning tools to have. Both are concentrated cleaners that you need to dissolve in water before using. However, Fabuloso has a pH closer to 7 or almost neutral.

That means they are safer or more water-like. While Pine-Sol has a pH of around 4, which makes it more acidic, and requires more water to dissolve.

There’s nothing wrong with having both products at home. You can use Pine-Sol to clean a wood floor for the spots with more grimes. Having more acid content may make it more efficient to clean year-long grimes. Still, both products are chemical concentrate that requires careful handling.

Is fabuloso toxic?

Like many other cleaners, Fabuloso is toxic when you ingest it. Some of the most common symptoms are nausea and stomachache. You also can get some issues when you inhale it for too long.

Therefore, don’t forget to wear gloves and all necessary protective gear when cleaning with Fabuloso. During cleaning, you must wash your hands thoroughly afterward, even with gloves.

Fabuloso has a pH close to 7, but you still need to dissolve Fabuloso before using it. This is to diminish the toxicity by a little bit. Ensure you keep the product in a cool place far from any children’s reach.

Fabuloso alternative for wood floors

What will you do if you run out of Fabuloso but need to clean soon? You go to the nearby store, and they also don’t hold any.

Which product should you choose then? As you know, not all cleaners work well with wooden floors like Fabuloso. You sure don’t want to risk your floor.

You can see if they hold Murphy Oil Soap or Pine-sol. As an old product, there is a big possibility your nearby stores will have them in stock. It has the same usage as Fabuloso, as you need to dissolve it first before using it to clean your floor.

Final Thought

If you have hardwood floors or wood furniture in your home and wonder if Fabuloso can be used on them, the answer is yes. Cleaning with Fabuloso is a great idea.

No other cleaner on the market can make your floors smell or feel like flowers after you clean them.

We recommend you buy the Fabuloso cleaner because of all the great things it can do for you. For example, you can use it to make your floors look new.

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