Have a Hot Tub on Second Floor Deck This Summer

A second-floor deck can be a marvelous place to relax in your leisure time. Adding a hot tub on second floor deck will take the enjoyment to another level. On your deck, you can sit in your hot tub and get some fresh air.

For those who plan to add the hot tube to the second-level deck, it is essential to know and understand every detail of what things are needed to provide a trouble-free hot tub installation. So, let’s find out some info before you decide to install it.

Can I Install Hot Tub on the Second Floor?

It is possible to put a hot tub on the second floor.

In many houses, they choose to add a hot tub in their deck to make all family members enjoy their time in the open space more. It is possible as the best spot to gather with them too in the weekend.

Besides, from an investment point of view, having an elevated hot tub can also add value to the house.

You will have a higher value when you plan to sell the house. That is why you can install it as long as you still consider safety during the installation.

What to Consider Before Building Hot Tub on Second Floor Deck?

Before building a hot tub on the second level deck, there are several things you must consider first. Check the detailed explanation about it in the following paragraphs.


For those with a second floor deck, measuring the space of the deck before installing a hot tub is essential. You must ensure that it leaves enough room to relax and entertain. A hot tub for 2 to 3 people commonly requires approximately 6 feet x 6 feet space.


Considering the safety of building a hot tub on the second floor deck becomes very important. As a general rule, a deck with a couple of feet or less can support a weight of 100 pounds per square foot. That is why you have nothing to worry about when it is less than the value.

Privacy and Access

If you want a private hot tub, you may need to reposition the tub so that your neighbor will not see you. Easy access to the tub becomes another thing you need to consider. It is better to provide a stairway that all people can use to access the second-floor deck.

Choose the Right Style and Size of Hot Tub

Whether you are looking for a hot tub for indoor or outdoor space, choosing the right style and size is essential.

Fortunately, there are various options for hot tubs out there. So you can choose the best design and size of the tub for your second-level deck. You can choose between two different kinds of hot tubs.

The first one is the portable hot tub spa.

As its name suggests, this hot tub can be installed and easily removed because it is not a built-in type. The sizes vary too. For 2-3 people hot tub is typically 6′ in length. The largest tub, 11′ in length, can fit 8-10 people.

The second type is a custom or in-ground hot tub.

Because it is a permanent installation, you must plan it well. Those tubes are often built with fiberglass, tile, granite, and concrete. If you need a hot tub to accommodate 2-4 people, a 5′ to 7′ tub is the best size. However, there is the medium and large sizes if you need a bigger one.

Pros and Cons Hot Tub on Second Floor Deck

Installing a hot tube on a raised deck means having an outdoor hot tub. Your open-space hot tub will have both pros and cons.


Typically, an open-space hot tub is easier to be installed than the indoor one. You can choose the portable one with simple installation. Besides, open ventilation becomes another good thing from having a hot tub on the second floor deck. There is no worry about proper ventilation anymore.

The beautiful setting comes to the next pros. Since it is built in an open space, you will have a natural setting with fresh air and wind. With higher placement in the second-level deck, you can find more relaxation during the spa.


Some people said building a hot tub on the second-floor deck would be less private. You may still see your neighbor from your second-level deck. That is why, if you need privacy, installing a fence or something that can cover your tub area is needed.

The outdoor hot tub is slightly less convenient. You must conduct all maintenance such as adjusting the water and regularly cleaning the filters. Also, you cannot enjoy the hot spa in bad weather.

It’s important to talk to an expert

Maybe these tips will help you decide, find out if you can put a hot tub on a floor deck, and pick the most convenient one.

But you have to talk to a reputable supplier about the space and installation of the existing connections, which will be the owner’s job. The supplier can also help you with the maintenance by giving you advice.

We hope that information has helped you to clarify some of the basic recommendations when installing a hot tub on the second-floor deck.