How To Get Carpet Glue Off Wood Floors

Is Removing Carpet Glue Off Wood Floors Hard?

If you want to rip up your carpet to have a great hardwood floor, it’s important to understand that removing carpets is not a simple process.

It is not only about removing the carpet from the wood. You must go through multiple steps to completely separate the carpet from your wood floor.

The hard part is not about pulling the carpet. It is relatively easy to cut and pull the carpet. However, there is a harder part to remove, and it is the thick glue adhesive. You have to remove that too from the floor.

This article will teach you how to remove adhesive glue from your wooden floor. You have to prepare a few tools to clean it. The adhesive glue is in liquid form.

Your goal is to return the wood to its normal state. There are many ways to remove it. Read more on this article to figure out the easier way to get carpet glue off wood floors.

What Are The Tools Required To Clean The Glue Off Wood Floors?

Here are the things you need to prepare to clean up the glue off your floors:

  1. Rubber Gloves
  2. Plastic Putty Knife
  3. Glue Remover or Specialized Adhesive
  4. Rags and Sponge
  5. A respirator to protect you

Why Do I Need To Remove The Glue From Wood Floors?

So here’s the thing, carpet glue or adhesive is pretty stubborn and difficult to clean up, but that’s for a good reason. The glue must be strong to stick the carpet to the floor for years.

However, it can be painful to remove the glue from your floor when you want it.

The reason why you need to remove the glue in the first place is that, well, the obvious reason is that it looks bad on your floor.

Moreover, grime and dirt will collect on it over time. The glue will also get in the way when you want to apply any staining products, as it can’t get past the adhesive.

Can I Use Solvents To Remove The Glue?

You can use solvents to scrub off the glue off the hardwood floor. However, the drawback of this method is you will also damage your hardwood floors.

For this reason, you must invest in a good solvent mainly designed to clean your hardwood floor. The recommended solvent will be explained below.

Get Prepared To Clean The Carpet Glue

Prepare all the necessary tools mentioned above to get started. You’ll also need to prepare backup tools such as a blow dryer, heat gun, sandpaper, and a pot you can use to boil water.

The next thing is to prepare the room for working. Open any windows and turn on a fan to allow good circulation.

Now, use your gloves to get started.

Apply A Special Solvent Designed To Clean The Glue

Now, observe the glue. If it is very thick and has light or yellow color, you may use a putty knife to chip away the bigger glue. However, do not chip to the floor since you don’t want to destroy the wood.

The recommended solvent product you can use is Goof of 2085 adhesive remover. This product works great on carpet glue, and it is affordable.

You can get one on Amazon. You can use the solvent to clean glues and tape residue.

Pour the adhesive remover on a paintbrush or sponge according to the instructions on the product. Then apply the solvent to the glued area.

You should apply the solvent to a small test area and check if there is any possible damage to the wood. If there is none, you can continue to clean the rest of the woods.

After applying the solvent, take a break in a separate room to prevent ruining the chemical fumes.

Scrape The Old Glue Away

After taking a break, you need to wear a new pair of gloves and start scrubbing off the glue on the wood floors. Use a sponge and plastic putty knife to do the job.

Scrape the glue gently and carefully with the knife. Start with the loosest glue and move gradually to the harder ones. Make sure you do it carefully not to damage the wooden floor surface.

When scraping off the glue, don’t force it when the glue isn’t peeling up easily. Use more solvent on a towel and proceed to scrub away any leftover residue on the surfaces.

Repeat the two steps above to clean the remaining glue. Do this until all the remaining glue is cleaned up.

Clean Up Your Wood Floor

The next thing to do is to clean up the working area. Rinse the area using water and allow it to dry. Moreover, you must provide drying and ventilation for 24 hours to let it dry completely.

The Final Steps To Do With Wood Floors

Now you need to sand your floor to smoothen the surface and small glue particles you may have overlooked.

After that, give your hardwood floor sealing or staining. You can lay down floor tiles if you want.

Is It Also Possible To Remove Glue From Furniture surfaces?

It is possible to remove glue from your furniture. However, you may want to do it without damaging your beloved surfaces.

It is also important to note that glue spillages are inevitable. You need to prepare handy towels to clean up the mess.

You can grab a handy towel with one hand while cleaning the spillages so it doesn’t disturb your workflow.

How To Get Glue Off Furniture Surface

Here are the steps to remove glue from your furniture:

  • Get the glue off your cabinets, wood table tops, or wooden surfaces. The best and safest method is to use a paper towel and soak it in hot water to soften the glue.
  • After you’ve soaked the towel, hold it over the target surface until it gets warm and softens. Use a bucket or sink to get rid of the excess water. After that, use the towel to scrub off the softened glue.
  • If the glue is too stubborn to remove, use dishwashing liquid with water solution on a paper towel and give a gentle scrub to your furniture surface.
  • The last thing is to let the surface dry. After scrubbing the glue off your wooden furniture surface, it’s time to dry it off. Use a dry, absorbent paper towel and wipe your surface to remove the water. Excess water on your furniture surface can make it swell and warp the shape of your surface.

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