Parquet flooring vs hardwood: What is the difference

The main key difference between parquet and hardwood flooring is their size which is parquet has a smaller block size than hardwood flooring.

Solid hardwood flooring comprises solid, wide planks of hardwood that are fitted together using the tongue and groove method.

Characteristic of parquet and hardwood flooring

The characteristics of parquet and hardwood flooring are classified as strong and durable.

Parquet flooring is a traditional hardwood flooring that looks elegant and differs from standard hardwood planks.

Is parquet flooring outdated? Hardwood and parquet floors will never go out of style and come in many different styles, colors, and materials so they can be used in many places.

Price comparison between parquet and hardwood

Since the bottom layers of wood are not seen, they can be made of cheaper wood. Because of this, parquet flooring is often less expensive than hardwood flooring.

Most of the time, parquet flooring costs between $20 and $45 per square foot. Most parquet floors are made of pre-made wooden tiles that cost between $7 and $10 per square foot.

The difference between parquet and hardwood in size

The size of the planks or blocks is the main difference between parquet and hardwood flooring.

Hardwood planks are thin, long flooring pieces, while parquet blocks are all the same size and shape and are much smaller.

Parquet blocks are made of very thin pieces of solid wood that are put together. On the other hand, hardwood flooring is usually made of floorboards milled or carved from a tree.

Parquet and wood floor pattern

The parquet is arranged in diagonal herringbone and chevron patterns and the traditional basketweave.

Most hardwood floors have a random, staggered look, which has been the most popular style for a long time.

Patterns in parquet are made of identical hardwood slats that can be combined to create intriguing designs.

The most common type is called “plank” and is made by putting the slats in a straight line, one after the other, next to other lines of slats. Depending on the width of the boards, you can get very different looks.

By playing with the different colors of wood, the final pattern can be brought out, giving the floor a classic elegance.

Other classic patterns with many personalities include squares, double herringbone, wicker basket, and square mosaics with shapes like stars in between.

Parquet Vs hardwood durability

A parquet floor should keep its shine for at least 10 to 15 years. But even a well-kept wood floor can start to look dull over time, especially in places where people walk a lot.

Traditional wood floors are not as stable as parquet floors. This is because it is comprised of three layers of wood cut at 90-degree angles to reduce the movement of the wood.

Hardwood is the most expensive type of wood flooring but lasts the longest. The best hardwood floors are made from woods like hickory, oak, maple, and cherry.

These floors are very hard and less likely to get scratched.


Maintenance for parquet and hardwood floors isn’t hard, but it needs to be done often for the floors to look their best.

Like other types of hardwood, the parquet must be cleaned often to get rid of the dirt, dust, and grime that builds up daily.

The best way to get rid of debris and dirt on the floor, like pet hair and dirt brought in from outside, is with a vacuum.

When you need to polish or clean the floors, use products made for hardwood or parquet floors.

The parquet and hardwood floor can be sanded and varnished as often as needed; however, remember that it is a sensitive material.

Cost of installment

Hardwood flooring is the most expensive for installing flooring per square foot.

The average cost per square foot for hardwood floors is between $6 and $18. You can expect to pay between $3 and $5 per square foot to install parquet flooring tiles yourself.

When done by a professional, installing parquet floor tiles usually costs between $7 and $10 per square foot.

What is parquet and hardwood flooring made of

Parquet flooring is made of wood tiles that are put together in a certain way. It can be made from many hardwoods, like oak, walnut, maple, cherry, mahogany, and even some exotic hardwoods.

The floor is made of wood strips of different sizes and shapes. Even though there are pros and cons to parquet flooring, it is one of the most popular floor coverings because the finish makes homes feel warm and bright.

It’s also less expensive than putting in a solid wood floor.

Engineered parquet flooring is a type of hardwood floor that is put down in a pattern and uses floorboards made of engineered wood.

Engineered floorboards are made with a layer of hardwood on top, called the “wear layer,” It is glued to a backing material such as plywood.

How to choose the best parquet and hardwood floors?

When choosing the best wood floor for your home, you need to consider the type of wood you want.

Different species of wood have different prices per square foot.


It is the most common type of wood used for this flooring because it feels warm and strong. It has a wide range of tones, from traditional to gray oak.


This type of wood turns pink when the vaporization method is used. It is a very hard wood that is very close to the hardness of oak.


It is a pink wood with a very elegant tone. It could come from anywhere, including the United States or Europe.

Depending on where it comes from, it is semi-hardwood. Cherry is a good choice if you want something between oak and walnut.


Walnut might be the best choice if you want a stylish finish for a modern home. The imperfections and irregularities it shows make it an unmistakable material, which gives it its value in the market, being one of the most expensive wood floors.


It is a light-colored wood that ranges from creamy white to light yellow. It has a very hard structure that can take a lot of abuse.


It is the cheapest wood but also the least attractive and softest. If you want cheap parquet, this could be the best choice.


Both parquet and solid wood flooring are made of real wood and have many of the same qualities. Neither type of real wood flooring is good for a room that might get too wet.

If you choose engineered wood flooring for the kitchen, cellar, or bathroom, the rest of the house can have lovely solid wood or parquet floors.

Solid wood floorboards are best suited for larger, wider rooms. It’s not a good idea to put parquet floors in small, narrow rooms because the pattern might make the area appear cluttered and busy, which can be distracting.